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 Currently available guidance for Ebola virus disease and shipping

Ebola virus disease and shipping

·        WHO, Statement on the 8th meeting of the IHR Emergency Committee regarding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, December 2015

·        WHO, Travel and transport risk assessment: Interim guidance for public health authorities and the transport sector. September 2014

·        WHO Statement on travel and transport in relation to Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak:

·        WHO, Ebola event management at points of entry. Interim guidance:

·        WHO, Ebola response roadmap:

·        WHO, Infection prevention and control (IPC) guidance summary. Ebola guidance package:

·        WHO, Ebola surveillance in countries with no reported cases of Ebola virus disease:

·        WHO, Infographics: Travel to and from Ebola-affected countries:

·        WHO, Consolidated Ebola virus disease preparedness checklist, October 2014:

·        WHO Interim Guidance for Ebola Virus Disease Exit Screening at Airports, Ports and Land Crossings, November 2014:

·        WHO, Personal Protective Equipment in the context of Filovirus disease outbreak response:

·        WHO, Entry screening for Ebola at airports, ports and land crossings: Technical note for preparedness planning, December 2014:

·        EU, Council conclusions on Lessons learned for Public Health from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa — Health Security in the European Union. December 2015

·        ECDC, Rapid Risk Assessment: Outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa, 13th update, October 2015

·        ECDC, Ebola virus disease: Information to travellers

·        IMO, IMO joins international Ebola travel and transport task force

·        IMO, Ebola Virus Disease, Circular Letter No.3484, 2 September 2014

·        IMO, Full and effective implementation of maritime security measures to assist in preventing the spread of the Ebola virus disease Circular Letter No.3485 10 September 2014

·        ECDC, Technical report Entry and exit screening measures

·        ECDC, Infection prevention and control measures for Ebola virus disease: Public health management of healthcare workers returning from Ebola affected areas, November 2014

·        ECDC, Critical aspects of the safe use of personal protective equipment

·        CDC, Interim Guidance for Cargo Ships: Monitoring Exposed Crew and Managing Suspected Cases of Ebola Onboard

·        CDC, Interim Guidance for Cruise Ships: Managing a Suspected Case of Ebola Onboard

 For news and regular updates

·        WHO

·        ECDC

·       DGSANCO, Statement on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

·       DG SANCO, Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Western Africa

·       IMO

·       United Nations, Global Ebola Response

Other relevant information   

·        WHO Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan and west African presidents’ speech to launch intensified Ebola outbreak response plan on Ebola Situation (1st August 2014):

·        WHO List of Members of, and Advisers to, the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding Ebola

·        ECDC. Risk assessment guidelines for diseases transmitted on aircraft PART 2: Operational guidelines for assisting in the evaluation of risk for transmission by disease

·        International Civil Aviation Organization and World Health Organization Collaboration:

·        ICS, ΙMEC, ITF. Global Shipping Bodies Issue Ebola Virus Advice.


International legislation

International conventions

World Health Organization Guidelines

Other guidelines on Ship Sanitation and Communicable Diseases Control
Guidelines on Gastrointestinal diseases

Guidelines on Respiratory diseases

Legionnaires’ disease



Guidelines on Potable water

  • Health Protection Agency. Guidelines for Water Quality On Board Merchant Ships Including Passengers Vessels. Health Protection Agency. 2003.

Guidelines on spa pools

Sanitation programmes

US CDC Vessel Sanitation Program

Health Canada Cruise Ship Inspection Program

New South Wales Public health surveillance and response in the Port of Sydney

ANVISA: Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency

Scientific Literature

Infectious Diseases

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