Currently available guidance for Ebola virus disease and shipping

05 September 2014/Categories: News

 Currently available guidance for Ebola virus disease and shipping

Ebola virus disease and shipping

·        WHO, Travel and transport risk assessment: Interim guidance for public health authorities and the transport sector. September 2014

·        WHO Statement on travel and transport in relation to Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak:

·        WHO, Ebola event management at points of entry. Interim guidance:

·        WHO, Ebola response roadmap:

·        WHO, Infection prevention and control (IPC) guidance summary. Ebola guidance package:

·        WHO, Ebola surveillance in countries with no reported cases of Ebola virus disease:

·        WHO, Infographics: Travel to and from Ebola-affected countries:

·        WHO, Consolidated Ebola virus disease preparedness checklist, October 2014:

·        WHO Interim Guidance for Ebola Virus Disease Exit Screening at Airports, Ports and Land Crossings, November 2014:

·        WHO, Personal Protective Equipment in the context of Filovirus disease outbreak response:

·        WHO, Entry screening for Ebola at airports, ports and land crossings: Technical note for preparedness planning, December 2014:

·        ECDC Rapid risk assessment: Outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa. Twelfth update, 30 June 2015.

·        ECDC, Ebola virus disease: Information to travellers

·        IMO, IMO joins international Ebola travel and transport task force

·        IMO, Ebola Virus Disease, Circular Letter No.3484, 2 September 2014

·        IMO, Full and effective implementation of maritime security measures to assist in preventing the spread of the Ebola virus disease Circular Letter No.3485 10 September 2014

·        ECDC, Technical report Entry and exit screening measures

·        ECDC, Infection prevention and control measures for Ebola virus disease: Public health management of healthcare workers returning from Ebola affected areas, November 2014

·        ECDC, Critical aspects of the safe use of personal protective equipment

·        CDC, Interim Guidance for Cargo Ships: Monitoring Exposed Crew and Managing Suspected Cases of Ebola Onboard

·        CDC, Interim Guidance for Cruise Ships: Managing a Suspected Case of Ebola Onboard

 For news and regular updates

·        WHO

·        ECDC

·       DGSANCO, Statement on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

·       DG SANCO, Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Western Africa

·       IMO

·       United Nations, Global Ebola Response

Other relevant information   

·        WHO Director-General, Dr Margaret Chan and west African presidents’ speech to launch intensified Ebola outbreak response plan on Ebola Situation (1st August 2014):

·        WHO List of Members of, and Advisers to, the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding Ebola

·        ECDC. Risk assessment guidelines for diseases transmitted on aircraft PART 2: Operational guidelines for assisting in the evaluation of risk for transmission by disease

·        International Civil Aviation Organization and World Health Organization Collaboration:

·        ICS, ΙMEC, ITF. Global Shipping Bodies Issue Ebola Virus Advice.


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